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Professional pressure surge measurement: our basis for your plant safety

For us at resom, the measurement of pressure surges in production facilities represents the indispensable basis for the further development of efficient solutions to assure quality and guarantee product and plant safety. In order to be able to measure hydraulic problems caused by pressure peaks, we have developed special measuring amplifiers which allow one to track the causes of the pressure fluctuation with absolute precision. Based on a detailed measuring report, one can thus later realise advantages such as higher plant availability, lowering maintenance costs and prolonging the plant's service life. Furthermore, resom offers further professional devices such as the resom PSD pulsation damper, a perfect addition to reduce pressure surges.

Pulsation damper & co: Detecting pressure surges and creating solutions

Unwanted pressure surges can significantly impact plant aggregates such as plate heat exchangers. Early measurement and analysis using resom's special measuring system not only provides detailed information on the causes of those pressure surges but also shows efficient solutions to help eliminate pressure surges, for instance through professional pressure surge damping.

Measuring pressure surges to analyse hydraulic problems


Our pressure test method is based on the principle of measurement amplification which increases the sampling rate, thus being able to precisely detect and record pressure peaks. This is impossible using conventional pressure gauges used in plant engineering. Data is collected in sync with the recording of different signal sources and through the simultaneous recording of analogue and digital measuring signals such as pressure, flow and valve feedback, the system can trace the causes for pressure fluctuation and resulting hydraulic problems. In a further step, our specialists analyse and document the recording reports and create adequate suggestions on how to resolve the problem.

Automated water hammer measurement with multiple fields of application

resom's pressure surge test is suitable for testing the actual state of a production facility as well as for assessing new plants and for quick problem investigation in case of severe pressure fluctuation. Another large field of application is the system's integration into quality assurance systems such as HACCP or the use of measuring data for continuous process improvement in the sense of a CIP system (continuous improvement process).
No matter for what purpose you require the most precise measuring data, we offer you a solution tailored to your production processes: On the one hand, the rental of a user-friendly, automated pressure measurement system, including comprehensive briefing on performing measurements and on the other hand, the option to purchase the entire measuring equipment.

Pressure surges are caused by:

  • sudden stop of liquids in motion
  • Changeover processes
  • Changes in pressure levels
  • Switching pumps on and off
  • Engagement processes involving control valves and valve combinations
  • Dosing pumps
  • Power outages and emergency stops
  • Centrifuges
  • Homogenisers

Measurement amplifiers are used:

  • to determine the actual state of production facilities
  • as an integral part of periodic
  • verification in the framework of quality assurance systems such as IFS, HACCP, etc.
  • to assure one's own plant safety
  • to support problem identification
  • in the course of the acceptance of new plants
  • as a means of verification towards third parties

Resulting advantages:

  • higher levels of plant availability
  • reducing maintenance costs
  • prolonging effective plant service life

Innovative pulsation dampers to prolong plant service life

resom has developed special pulsation dampers to prevent pressure surges and pressure peaks from happening to eliminate damages before they occur. Plants such as centrifuges or homogenisers thus profit from significantly prolonged service life. Besides this pressure surge reducing device, resum also possesses the know-how to integrate a leak test system – the innovative HLD 600 automatic – into your production process as a means of preventative maintenance to completely close the circuit of high performance.