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resom PSD Pulsationsdämpfer: Die patentierte neue Methode zur Druckschlagreduzierung

Druckschläge können große Anlagenschäden bis hin zu folgenschweren Qualitätsproblemen nach sich ziehen. Bisher konnte eine entsprechende Druckschlagreduzierung nur mit platzraubenden Puffertanks erreicht werden. resom hat eine leistungsstarke Alternative entwickelt, die nicht nur alle Hygieneanforderungen ausnahmslos erfüllt, sondern vor allem auch zahlreiche weitere Vorteile zur Effizienzsteigerung Ihrer Produktion realisiert.

An innovative new approach to minimising pressure surges


The patented pressure surge damping by means of the resom PSD pulsation damper guarantees increased operational safety and prolongs the service life of plants and peripheral systems. Our innovative new approach to minimising pressure surges allows you to save money: for sustainably optimised results in special industries with particularly high quality requirements such as breweries and dairy plants. resom pressure surge damping technology simply "transfers" pressure surges. Based on our experience with pressure surges and their precise measurement and analysis, the resom R&D team has developed an innovative new solution to reduce pressure surges – the PSD pulsation damper.

Efficiently reducing pressure surges: resom PSD


Using a gas-filled bypass which is integrated into the plant's line system, the pulsation damper can communicate with the liquid line and virtually transfer pressure surges. This novel system is optimally suited to protect valves, diaphragms etc. and has been especially developed with the challenging use in the food industry in mind. It meets all demands in terms of hygiene and provides both technological and economical benefits. Thus, you can capitalise on maximised tool life and a significant increase in plant service life as well as highest levels of operational safety.

resom PSD

Purposeful pressure surge damping using innovative measuring technology


resom has developed the adequate measuring technology to collect and analyse pressure surges in order to optimally adapt the possibilities of hygienic pulsation dampers to requirements and framework conditions. Implementing an innovative automated leak test for purposes of preventive maintenance, the highly sensitive measuring system HLD 600 represents another milestone in complementing our portfolio of high-performance product and plant safety systems.

Pulsation dampers are used to protect:

  • Lines (line breakage, hairline cracks at welding seams)
  • Plate devices (hairline cracks, leaks)
  • Diaphragms (quick clogging, diaphragm damage)
  • Measuring devices, e.g. measuring probes, pressure sensors, ...
  • Valves (pushed open, distortion and breakage)
  • Aggregates downstream from separators and homogenising systems to stabilise the system

Installed pulsation dampers

  • prolong tool life and the plant service life
  • protect plants and peripheral systems from pressure surges, thus increasing operational safety